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Just to let you know I have been doing Trim a Weigh for three weeks now...
How good is buying a 2 week program and getting the 3rd week FREE...
Losing over a kilo and a half each week consistently and feeling
The Chicken & Mushroom Lasagne is such a great meal...
I love the fact that I can choose my own meals and not be pressured...
Have recently joined the gym and changing my lifestle in general.
My grandpop has been getting your meals delivered for quite a while now...
I love the fact that I am constantly getting offered great specials from Trim-A-Weigh...
Photographs are indicative only of the age and gender of the persons supplying their testimonial to Trim-A-Weigh. Surnames have been removed for privacy reasons.

Trim-A-Weigh is a locally owned Brisbane based business that has been providing perfectly portioned, calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced meals since 1981. Our commitment is to provide calorie controlled meals that are practical, convenient and nutritious through a wide and varied menu choice. Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures and a good variety of foods along with regular activity is vital to maintaining a healthy weight, good overall health and well being.

Who are the meals suitable for?
Our meals are suitable for a wide range of people and lifestyles including

  • people looking to actively lose weight in a controlled manner
  • busy people who don't have the available time to shop, prepare and cook on a regular basis
  • people who live on their own and find it a chore to "cook for one"
  • aged persons, people with disabilities and their carers who require single served meals.

Can I choose what I want to eat and in what order?
Our full menu is open for your selection at all times. Our competitors force you into ordering from a reduced menu each week and no doubt are required to eat things you do not want to. At Trim-A-Weigh we offer you the full choice of meals each week for you to select and in whatever quantities you desire. You select what you want to eat and in what order.

How are the meals prepared?
We use the freshest of local product available with deliveries arriving daily from local suppliers. We use only fresh meat supplied by quality butchers and cooked and carved on premise and do not used "processed" meats in our roast dinners. All of our meals are packaged securely ready for distribution, including our fruit to minimize bruising. Trim-A-Weigh utilizes well known brand name products that you would expect to see in a supermarket, and not cardboard branded no name products.

What further preparation do I have to do?
The convenience factor of being on a Trim-A-Weigh program can not be overlooked. There is no shopping, no preparation, no cooking and little cleaning required. Most meals are ready within minutes of being placed in your microwave.

Where do you deliver to ?
Our local delivery region stretches through Brisbane and surrounds. As at Monday March 17 2014, Trim-A-Weigh will be offering an extended delivery service to encompass some areas of regional Queensland and Northern New South Wales. A listing of all available delivery areas are included on the "Home Delivery" page. We also offer a pick up service from our Everton Hills location Monday to Friday from 5.30am to 5pm.

What calorie level is right for me?

1000 Calories - This energy level is for those that lead a busy lifestyle and have little time to exercise; older persons, and those who have limited mobility. This plan has adequate protein on average for persons up to 80kg.

1200 Calories - If you are able to do some light to medium exercise on most days of the week, this program will manage your energy levels to get you through the day.

1500 Calories - This program is suitable for younger, active women and most males. It is important if you are exercising regularly, you eat enough to refuel muscles and manage hunger. This portion size will aid muscle recovery whilst allowing you to lose weight at a respectable rate.

1800 Calories - TThis program is designed for active, young men, providig larger serving sizes and extra fruit/snack items whilst giving steady weight loss. For most women, this energy level will provide weight maintenance.

2100 Calories - This energy level is designed for very fit active young men who wish to achieve modest levels of weight loss. It is also suitable for moderately active young men and and very active young women who wish to maintain a specific weight level.

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